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It doesn’t matter if you are new to the industry or a veteran, the bottom line is, in this paper jungle you need to know what you are doing otherwise a small mistake can become very costly. In business, we all know time is money so spend less time risking a clerical error and spend more time on the road making money. With over 15 years of experience rest assure that Jackie’s Auto Registration Service is no rookie to the industry

Our services include but not limited to…

IRP/Apportion Registration
Replacement plates
Intrastate (California only) Registration
Gross Weight Stickers
Dump truck Registration
Permanent Trailer transfers and renewals
IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting and Auditing (TN and TX now available)
Authority Filings CA- MCP/ICC/ US DOT/Road Tax (2290)
Permit Filings /NM/OR/NY/KY/KS/AR

Service Area:

Los Angeles County

Orange County

Riverside County

The Continental U.S.

Office Hours:


9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Save Money on Registration

Call today for all of your vehicle registration, Titles, and renewal, requirements including IRP, MCP, ICC, and specialized
Trucking Industry Registration needs.